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The Histories and notes of Fadema

1.1988 years: Maggie Wei, the founder of Fadema, started the shoe retail and wholesale business in the form of the self-employed.

2.1995.2.1: Formally joined the International footwear wholesale stage               -        ---- Station West Footwear Business Center;

3.1998.11.7: successfully registered "Fadema" brand;

4.2001.8: RTH Branch was established;

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5.2002 .1. 7: "ALiLang" brand successfully registered;

6.2005.9.18: FDMTOO Branch was established;

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7.2007.3.28: Guangzhou Fadema Footware Co., Ltd. was established;

8.2007.10.16:Jia Hao Branch was established;


9.2008.7.14: Officially renamed as Guangzhou Fadema Trading Co., Ltd.;

10.2010.6.17: Headquarter moved to Guangzhou West Bay Tower

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       羊城西湾大厦开业 副本.jpg

11.2010.9.9: Hong Kong Fadema Co., Ltd. was established ;

12.2012.10: Alilang was expanded and moved to a new tower.

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13.2013.10: Guangzhou Fadema Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Men Shoes Wholesale Trading center) was established in Yingyi Clothes and Shoes Center;

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14.2013.12: FDMTOO (Women Shoes Wholesale Trading Center) was Established in the field of wealth square.

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