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Our own factory is located in Taishan, Guangdong, covering area of ​​6500 square meters.


We have introduced ISO9000 Management Rules and Regulations to our workshop. Goods in our warehouse is put neatly and orderly.


Production processes of upper stitching. We carry out assembly line work method to control our several production lines. Division of work is clear.


Shop workers have many years of production experience. Sophisticated skills, net stitching


Meng shoe machine imported from Germany, a senior operator mechanization Meng shoes, high technology.


Senior technicians are responsible for the mechanized molding process


Old senior technician responsible for mechanized molding processes.


Inspection before package is the most important part to ensure the quality. We arrange at least 3 QC each time to carefully inspect every pair of shoes and carry out some necessary shoes testing.


In the final packaging part, we will arrange factory director and QC manager to have random checks on the entire batch of shoes to avoid any quality problems.


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