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Company introduction

Guangzhou Fadema Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. It is a comprehensive trading company specialized in shoe design and development, owning five branches as "FADEMA", "FDMTOO", "ALiLang", "RTH" and "JIAHAO". Our products include women shoes, men shoes and children shoes, with over 3000 styles. During the past twenty years, we focus on the requests of consumers, innovate and is committed to improving our supply chain. Nowadays, Fadema has developed from a small team with several sales to a nearly 100-employee enterprise, from domestic market focus to worldwide business, from a single headquarter selling all kinds of products to specialized branches operating in their best part. Our products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with dozens of international brands and agents

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The Histories and notes of Fadema 

1.1988 years: Maggie Wei, the founder of Fadema, started the shoe retail and wholesale business in the form of the self-employed.

2.1995.2.1: Formally joined the International footwear wholesale stage               -        ---- Station West Footwear Business Center;

3.1998.11.7: successfully registered "Fadema" brand;

4.2001.8: RTH Branch was established;

5.2002 .1. 7: "ALiLang" brand successfully registered;

6.2005.9.18: FDMTOO Branch was established;

7.2007.3.28: Guangzhou Fadema Footware Co., Ltd. was established;

8.2007.10.16:Jia Hao Branch was established;

9.2008.7.14: Officially renamed as Guangzhou Fadema Trading Co., Ltd.;

10.2010.6.17: Headquarter moved to Guangzhou West Bay Tower

11.2010.9.9: Hong Kong Fadema Co., Ltd. was established ;

12.2012.10: Alilang was expanded and moved to a new tower.

13.2013.10: Guangzhou Fadema Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Men Shoes Wholesale Trading center) was established in Yingyi Clothes and Shoes Center;

14.2013.12: FDMTOO (Women Shoes Wholesale Trading Center) was Established in the field of wealth square.

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The Culture of Fadema

Our mission: To make the pace ahead with confidence

Our vision:

1. Become a century enterprise

2. Become a global enterprise

3 .Become well-known brand of casual shoes

4. Become the benchmark of happiness

Our values: service-oriented, responsible, and honest


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